Nilpar is a family oriented company which was founded in Istanbul/Turkey in 1978. Nilpar's main business activity is representing and conducting the sales operations of the major leading manufacturing companies mainly from Germany and France, Switzerland, USA.
  Our Represented Companies:
 Andreas Maier Fellbach, AMF
 Tünkers GmbH
 Güthle Maschinenbau GmbH
 EKD Gelenkrohr GmbH
 Materion Brush GmbH
 Eugen Niederberger GmbH
 Hasberg Schneider GmbH
 Jakob GmbH
 Optima GmbH
 EFFBE Fritz Brumme GmbH
 Besanšon Jenneau
 Alfonso SA
 Moreno Pujal Spain
 Rosta Switzerland
 P/A Industries USA
 Smedberg Machine Corporation